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Reseller Success Story:Greznet LLC

Ronald Greznet, President and CEO of Greznet LLC, offers only the best services and software for his clients, and will settle for nothing less. Ronald's goal is to provide enterprise-level software at a small business-home office price. When one of his clients came to him looking for an alternative to Exchange Server, Ronald quickly found and became a reseller for OfficeCalendar. Since then, he has upgraded his reseller level to the OfficeCalendar Reseller Marketing Initiative Program, which includes...
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Success Story:The Wood Connection

The Wood Connection, owned by Dennis Everett, is a custom cabinetry facility in San Jose, California. Dennis not only wanted to transfer the business' old-fashioned paper-based methods to an electronic calendaring system, but he also needed his employees to share calendars with one another for client appointments, facility tours and other daily activities. After finding OfficeCalendar as the solution to his problem, it prompted Dennis to implement Microsoft Outlook and keep costs under control...
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Success Story: Ronald Stoner, P.A.

The office of Ronald Stoner, an attorney in Delaware, uses Microsoft Outlook to manage their own calendars, contact and tasks. Patty Nieves, Paralegal to Ronald Stoner, knew the small office needed a way to communicate with one another so everyone knew what was happening in the office from day to day, which is extremely important when it comes to appointments and tasks...
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Success Story: The Training Help Desk, LLC

Gary and Marcy Garb, owners of The Training Help Desk, LLC, use Outlook to manage their individual calendars and tasks, but communicating their information to one another was always a hassle. With OfficeCalendar, Gary and his wife can now seamlessly coordinate appointments and task list, and double-bookings and loss of information are rare instead of frequent…
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Success Story: Montgomery Assembly of God

Since implementing OfficeCalendar, the staff at Montgomery Assembly of God shares multiple calendars and contacts with one another, and now uses Outlook to accomplish their scheduling and communication needs. Bob Shepperd is the IT Director for Montgomery Assembly of God, and considers this a huge milestone for the staff...
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Success Story: Office of the District Attorney,Clearfield Country, PA

The Office of the District Attorney in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, uses Microsoft Outlook to manage every attorney’s calendar as well as their contacts and tasks. William A. Shaw, Jr., is the District Attorney and personality oversees the scheduling of each of the attorneys in his office. Bill and the other attorneys use OfficeCalendar to schedule and share multiple calendars, share office-wide contact information, and to keep track of assigned tasks...
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Success Story:Our Savior Lutheran Church

Steve Wipperman, pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, uses Microsoft Outlook to schedule his appointments and update his busy calendar, as well as keep track of his personal contacts. Steve uses OfficeCalendar to share his calendar and contacts with his administrative assistant. Steve’s administrative assistant can easily schedule Steve’s appointments using his shared calendar and contacts, which provides more time for Steve to support and serve his congregation...
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Success Story: Child Advocacy Center,of Southern Hillsborough County

The Child Advocacy Center of Southern Hillsborough County is a non-profit agency that services child victims of sexual abuse. The Center’s employees use Microsoft Outlook to email and schedule their calendars to coordinate with local professionals and law enforcement officials who work closely with them. OfficeCalendar provides a way for the employees to share their Outlook calendars and contacts, and to schedule appointments with team members without the worry of double booking. This allows the Center to concentrate more on helping the child victims and their families, instead of worrying about conflicting schedules...
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J&S Excavating

“I wanted to say thank you for making such an effective yet easy to use piece of software. It’s nice to know there are alternatives to Microsoft products.”
— John Ferrell, IT Consultant

Company (Anonymous)

“For our small office of 5 people, OfficeCalendar was significantly less expensive than Microsoft Exchange, plus we were able to set it up ourselves without having to hire an IT consultant.”
— Mike Harris

Fitzpatrick & Culic

“Your product is a perfect Exchange Server alternative…I am surprised that more people do not know about it.”
— Clint Culic

TestCo. (a software testing company)

“Provided great support – in fact, that’s was one of the deciding factors in my purchase – along with a great product that does *exactly* what it’s supposed to do.”
— Jeff Hotz, founder & CEO

Coshocton County Public Defender

“The product is excellent, and has worked very well for our needs.”
— Jeff Mullen

Law Offices of Aaron P. Johnson

“Just wanted to say that you guys are awesome! Thanks so much for your quick response and knowledgeable reps!!!”
— Kim

Dale L. Cexton Architects

“Thank you for your quick response to our questions. That is very refreshing and our outside IT person was impressed as well and will recommend this product to his other clients.”
— Dale Cexton

The PC Answer Guy

“Thanks for your quick help. So far, I am very impressed with the product itself, and even more impressed with the level of support I’ve received to date. You can be sure that I will be actively promoting your product to my small business clients who use Outlook.”
— Bruce Haar

CNET Downloads Consumer Review

“We tried OfficeCalendar on the recommendation of our IT consultant. He came in and installed it and in about 30 minutes we were able to see and make changes to co-worker's calendars and contacts. We thought we would have to buy Microsoft Exchange to be able to do this but we didn't! The product works great and the support, the one time we had to use it, was timely and very helpful.”
— Grendal

ZDNet Downloads Consumer Review

“Great technical support that you simply won't find in vendors with similar products. I'm looking forward to seeing their next upgrade.”
— Jim Turner

Industry Reviews

“This is a great product!”

“OfficeCalendar – a great Exchange alternative for small biz.”

“OfficeCalendar is purely client based, looks to be very easy to set up, and has the security and privacy controls I’d want in place before I started exposing my personal Outlook data to others.”

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